Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teaching Grammar

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With that being said, there are many approaches that teachers are able to take to teach their students in ways that they are able to obtain full knowledge of the subject, referring to grammar. “One way in which we might integrate grammatical systems with the teaching of formulaic sequences would be to first explicitly teach language in chunks and then later look at these as exemplars of particular aspects of grammar. (Jones, page 321)” I agree with the part that teaching formulated sequences in an explicitly manner is one of the best approaches to teaching the subject of grammar. The explicitly teaching manner is where the teacher teaches the subject straight to the point. This teaching strategy allows for a clearer understanding of the knowledge…show more content…
There are many approaches in regards to the teaching of grammar and not all of them are successful. The different approaches do derive from the way that teachers are taught to teach the subject and the way that they believe the subject should be taught. Teachers feel that certain approaches work better than others based on the success that their students have in their classroom. However, not every teacher takes that into consideration because they teach the way that they feel is best. I think that the most effective approaches to teaching grammar are the explicitly teaching method, linguistic perspective and traditional teaching methods. Those methods have successful outcomes the majority of the time and they make sure that the students are learning what they actually need to learn. It is crucial to focus on making sure that the students are learning every aspect of grammar rather than pieces and parts because it will affect their application and understanding of grammar as a whole. The different methods that are brought up throughout the paper allows for a better understanding of the methods that have been widely used by teachers and the reasons as to why they used those particular
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