Advantages And Disadvantages Of Supply Chain Management

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A supply chain is a network of business bodies where it engages from manufacturing products and services to the delivering of products and services to the final consumer for instance the process of designing new products or services, obtaining raw materials, converting the raw materials into semi-finished or finished goods, and delivering the final product or service to the end user is known as supply chain. e-business is growing rapidly and this growth is causing major challenges to supply chain management in both public and private sector. Many companies are striving to cope up with the speed of change in the industry to ensure they are able to consistent first-class product delivery to customers. Many companies are facing problem in integrating many elements of supply chain therefore they are moving away from fragmented approach to a electronically managed chain. As digital world is broadening its base in every business which has transformed the role of supply chain management over the years. E-business has changed all the rules and models of supply chain. Organization's ability to adapt new technology is the key to increase its productivity.
In this report, we will learn how supply chains are merging with e-business, and how this has created immense opportunities to the supply chain management. Structures of supply chains have changed a lot and the performance of these supply chains are wholly dependent upon how they adapt and use e-business technology and innovation. Indeed, the Internet has emerged as a most cost-effective means of driving supply chain integration. Internet has changed the world more than what we have expected this emergence of internet has rocked young generation. Information management is a key aspe...

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... way to many innovative companies that could adopt such core supply chain principles. The next few years will see a lot of B2B companies on the Internet developing new designs of supply chain management. Many companies have already found a lot of opportunities in supply chain integration. They are achieving a lot success in efficiency and are gaining advantage over their competitors.
While companies are making quick money after the internet bubble burst, the internet has also helped expand supply chain management. The Internet has created more opportunities for companies to buy online and also open their own internet channels. On the other side, when there are so many people on the internet doing transactions which leads to information overload. This can be taken as an opportunity to develop and design solutions to interpret them in a much better and friendly way.
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