Advantages And Disadvantages Of Recruitment Agencies

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Contents • 1. Summary • 2. introduction • 3. Hiring Employees • 4. Advantages & Disadvantages • 5. Conclusion & Recommendations Summary They are many ways to hire an individual to a company. on the internet, newspapers or magazines, recruitment agencies and consultants, job posting, friends, existing employees and business contacts and fresh graduates. The HR department are usually the one who does the hiring and decides if a person will be a new employee to a firm. Companies usually use recruitment agencies to help find potential employees. Recruitment agencies and benefit companies well however they are disadvantages to hiring a recruitment agencies. I prefer finding employees thought job posting, newspapers, and the internet. Introduction Today, there are many individuals who are qualified compared to the limited number of jobs that are available. When companies have job openings, so many people apply yet a scarce amount of positions available at the organization. The Human resource departments goal is to perfectly match a candidates for the job. For a human resources department to consider an employee to fill a position, the employee should have integrity, have good communication, open minded, presentation skills, and be willing to learn. Even though the hands on details are important for a potential employer to possess, the technical details would not be of much use if such a candidate did not possess basic skills (Armstrong, 2008). An employee should know how to work alone and with other members. Sometimes the individual who has the right skills that a company requires might not be looking for a job. Such an individual could be working for a partner company, comp... ... middle of paper ... ...r employees, since its lacking a team member. (Arthur, 2006). Conclusion And Recommendation As a hiring assistant in the human resources department, • I recommend that the company stick to their own advertising. -Hire their own employees thought job posting, newspapers, and the internet. • The interview should be managed by the HR managers and whichever department manager that will be working with the new employee. -This will help accurately help choose employees for the company. • All potential applications should take the aptitude test - This will narrow your choices, you will know if the employee has the ability to improve. • The last test is interpersonal skills/ oral test. - This will be the final step in choosing your employee, you will look for organizational skills, ability to take in information, potential to handle a leadership role. (AGCAS, 2012)

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