Advantages And Disadvantages Of Passwords

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Abstract—Because of the drawbacks of the text based authentication systems, graphical passwords are the most preferable type of authentication mechanism , where users click on images for the authentication purpose. The main goal of an authentication system is to help users for selecting the better password. If the password is created by the user , then it is easy to guess by an attacker and if the passwords is assigned by the system, then it is difficult for the user to memorize. So modern researches conclude that graphical passwords are most preferable authentication system. A graphical password uses images or representation of images as passwords. Human brain can easily recollect the graphical image secret word compare to Text secret word.. …show more content…

In early days, text based passwords are used for authentication . Text based password authentication uses alphanumeric letters for creating passwords . Here, users always creates password which is easy to remember but these passwords are easy for attackers to break. For provide more security, users use strong system assigned passwords which will be difficult for users to remember. Biometric and tokens [9] are used as an alternative to text based passwords. But it also has its own drawbacks such as it requires extra hardware for its implementation, so such methods are costly. As an alternative to all these methods, graphical passwords are used because psychological studies shows that human brain can recognize images better than the text.Graphical password uses images or representation of an image as a …show more content…

Users can shuffle the random characters until they find memorable password.
Basically PTP is a user-chosen text secret code system which helps user to build their password more secure.
The proposed system is based on click based graphical password system that not only helps the user for password selection but also encourages the user to select more random distributed password.
In this system, user clicks on a sequence of five images. At the login time images appear as per the random sequence. In the registration phase, user selects 5 images from the image pool.
Based on the image selection server generate the signature during registration. While users coming to login phase, select images from the image pool based on image selected by registration phase and then the server generate the new signature based on this selected images. If both the signatures are same, then a Pixel based CAPTCHA and OTP are generated and sent to the user’s mail by server. Otherwise abort the user. This proposed system provides three-way authentication and also provides higher security than

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