Advantages And Disadvantages Of Numerical Grading System In School

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Numerical Grading Systems are Unfair Jillian Szczesny TSEM 102.102 Prof. McNary Abstract Students attending school in the middle class and wealthier communities have numerous advantages over children from less privileged neighborhoods. Those with financial resources can afford the expense of academic tutors and preparation courses for standardized tests. Their families support and broaden their children’s education with cultural and educational experiences not sponsored by school. Whereas, many students in urban school districts do not have the funds nor the parental involvement to excel in their education in and out of the classroom. A numerical grading system is unfair to disadvantaged students because, although…show more content…
Do children from wealthier economic environments have an advantage for a better education? Students with financial means have the option to benefit from resources such as tutors, advisors, and teaching centers to reinforce and broaden their educational knowledge and skills. These children are exposed to cultural events and educational experiences outside of school. Students who are less fortunate usually do not have equal opportunities beyond the school day or take advantage of available programs. Parents with little education themselves or language barriers are often too intimidated to get involved in their children’s education. These children rely solely on their classroom teachers to provide all of the necessary educational information and experiences. Many of theses students come from cultures where school does not matter as attendance is not mandatory. This creates a system that unfairly puts a group of students at a disadvantage with their peers in other districts. Consequently, it is biased to determine college acceptances based on a numerical grading system and standardized test scores. Although, the traditional numerical grading system is not an indicator of any student’s growth, it is more unfair for children in high-poverty

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