Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nonverbal Communication

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Today we will be discussing the different types, strengths, and weaknesses of nonverbal communication as addressed in our book, Looking Out, Looking In. I strongly suggest you take notes on today’s lesson as you will be evaluated on it at a later date. What exactly is nonverbal communication? Nonverbal communication is defined as, “messages expressed by nonlinguistic means.”(P.188 Adler, Proctor) We will start off with the different types of nonverbal communication which are body movement, voice, touch, appearance, physical space, physical environment, and time. Body movement incorporates body orientation, posture, gestures, and facial expressions. One’s body orientation can tell if they are interested or disinterested in another person. There is some downside to this type of nonverbal communication as some people often don’t realize the image they are giving off which can create unnecessary conflict. Posture is another form of body movement that has been associated with determining the state of someone’s feelings. Gestures including hands and arms has been identified as, “the first form of human communication.”(P.200 Adler, Proctor) Finally facial expressions are one of the most complex forms of nonverbal communication. It is hard to read someone’s face because of all of the different types of expressions and the speed with which they change. You can go from sad to mad to happy all in a matter of seconds which is why it is not one of my primary means of determining one’s feelings. We will now transition into the use of vocal messages, or paralanguage. The way we say something can give off different meanings. When we put emphasis on a certain word it can change the focus of the statement entirely. Confidence can be identified by s... ... middle of paper ... with my usual verbal communication so that I can clearly get my point across. If I am trying to identify my feelings I want to make sure they understand and not hope they get what I am trying to say. I often get frustrated when people don’t understand what I am trying to say through nonverbal means of communication. I am sure many of you can associate with this feeling. For example, how many of you have had that one crush you tried everything you could do to get their attention but no matter how hard you tried they never picked up the signs? This is just one example of the weaknesses associated with nonverbal communication. I have learned a lot throughout my experience of nonverbal communication and through time you will learn more as well. In conclusion, nonverbal communication is another tool you can use to express yourself and pick up on other people’s feelings

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