Advantages And Disadvantages Of Meta-Analysis Methodology

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Meta-Analysis Methodology
Maintaining an organization effectiveness and efficiency in a global changing environment possesses many challenges for the organization to advance its processes. Research in this situation can be very time consuming, some research can conflict with other research, and Meta-analysis can add value to this dilemma combining research into systematic reviews of statistical quantitative results. One such challenge is the value of theoretical driven empirical research, and when organizations apply “tactic and experience based knowledge” a gap exist between the academia and practical function of the organization (Lawler & Mohrman, 2011). This gap becomes minimized or closed with the relationship and familiarity of academia
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Furthermore, meta-analysis can render previous assertions of results that impress to be not sustainable as favorable to be sustainable. One of the disadvantages of meta-analysis is the bias of the researcher in selection of information. However, credibility in the research results is achieved being mindful of bias through thru relations between theoretical ideas and empirical evidence, from such approach a harmonious unity of accuracy in an obtainable level of practicality for the organization (Swanson & Holton, 2005). Another significant benefit to the application of meta-analysis research is the discovery of further research criteria thru the methodology of cyclic research action for continuous redefining of the…show more content…
This alignment is carried out between all levels of the organization and process stages. The qualitative experience of the interaction of the subjects defines the collective interaction, in return driving the questions that the scope of the project is defined from. Desired outcomes are identified from the systematic refinement of questions in relevance to the extrapolation of refined questions reveal estimations of known data from unknown and desired trends will remain
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