Advantages And Disadvantages Of Maternity Leave

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The requirement for employers to allow maternity leave under United Kingdom law is a disadvantage to woman in the work place

United Kingdom is considered to be one of the highest pay gab in Europe between man and woman , woman faces the threat of low pay and limitation of being less likely to be appointed to higher profile position. (Anon., 2012) , the notion behind this limitation can be linked to law in support of woman taking time off duty and still getting paid while away from work. This essay will research and critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of maternity leave on employee and employer.
Information source revealed during the recession period in United Kingdom , woman of child bearing age are likely to face the obstacle of gaining job employment , (Marie-Petrou, 2012) because of the employment law surrounding maternity right , employers are reducing the risk and cost of production by declining women's that are at the age of having family and settling down . Female managers statistically up to 25 % agree to it, feeling reluctant taking woman who have children or is of a child bearing age (HILLS, 2012) This is simply to say discrimination of employing woman that are of child bearing age are not only limited to men but also woman. The Female managers argument is based on taking time off duty reducing operational volume and productivity.
Should having the potential of bearing children that will later in life contribute to the society we live in be a cause of discrimination in this modern age ? Why should woman maternity leave be a cause of discrimination in gaining employment to woman by employers regardless of the gender of the recruitment manager?

Pregnant employee have legal right which include pay...

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...nd employee regarding maternity leave and maternity pay , businesses faces low productivity and operation when female employee take time off for maternity period , female employee are currently facing the obstacle of redundancy while away from duty for maternity period, this limitation does not affect large and governmental organisation due to their investment capital and substitute of staff , this essay has reviled that being a female might be a limitation of employment in the labour market , it is also brought to awareness that businesses faces the treat of paying compensation to staff regarding maternity discrimination or unlawful dismissal
A further research can be made to identify if there has ever being a grant opportunity for employers by the United Kingdom government or if there is any financial support to woman going on maternity leave by the government.
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