Advantages And Disadvantages Of Information Security

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There are several advantages and disadvantage of information security. We all know the reason why information security was created: to keep information secured. Due to the increase in technology we now are able to purchase anything online, send important documents online, and chat about private matters online. We send out all of our information without ever thinking about the possible chance of getting hacked, due trusting solely on information security. There are specific advantages of information security, and that is it allows for your information to be fully secured, and security implements an efficient business. Information security allows for your information to be fully secured in a several of ways. First off, it keeps confidential information that was given to a business secured. Examples of confidential information, within a business, would be contracts, legal documents, and financial reports. Second, Information security keeps certain information out of the wrong hands. Even though we hear stores of private information getting stolen by hackers, information security still...