Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hdfc Bank

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OBJECTIVE OF INTERNSHIP The main and foremost objective of doing 40 days summer internship in HDFC bank was to get knowledge about the basic activities of bank and investment practices conducted in the bank. As investment is very crucial part for each and every individual because it can make or break a person. It very dynamic in process so it is difficult to choose in which field a person should invest his/her money. To make a wise choice for future investment it is important to know about the processes of investing. Through small investments regularly, we can fill the well which is surely going to help us in future and will save us from the inflation. INVESTMENT PRODUCTS HDFC bank offers many different types of investment products in which people can invest and get high return on it. The products in which I provided support to the Personal Authorised Banker were: …show more content…
Financial specialists buy stores on the grounds that they don 't have sufficient energy or the skill to deal with their own portfolio. A shared trust is a generally reasonable route for a little speculator to get a full-time administrator to make and screen ventures.  Diversification - By owning partakes in a common reserve as opposed to owning individual stocks or bonds, your danger is spread out. The thought behind enhancement is to put resources into an extensive number of a~sets so that a misfortune in any specific venture is minimized by increases in others. As it were, the more stocks and bonds you claim, the less anybody of them can hurt you (consider Enron). Vast common supports ordinarily own several distinct stocks in a wide range of businesses. It wouldn 't be feasible for a financial specialist to fabricate this sort of a portfolio with a little measure of

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