Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Male Friend

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When choosing a friend many people have different preferences, some may want to be friends with others that have similarities as themselves, such as hobbies, family structures, martial statuses or financial class status. Whatever the preference maybe having friends is one the most important qualities in life but having a male friend has been far better than having a female friend when you’re the opposite sex. Having a male friend leads to the best friendships considering females are emotional, unforgiving and judgmental vs a male friend who’s less emotional, forgiving and accepting.

First, female friends are emotional beings. Female friends are sensitive in nature; they were born to be mothers. Naturally, we are sensitive to our needs and
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Along with being unforgiving females have excellent memory skills; they are able to remember the smallest details of events. If you cross the line with a female friend, expect to be held accountable for your actions. A meaningless situation can turn into a major event and break up the friendship, as if you never knew each other. To such a degree these qualities make female friends easier to be unforgiving. In contrast a male friend can have an argument with one of his friends and the next minute it’s as if nothing ever happened between the two. Male friends are more forgiving and easier to deal with. When it comes to female friends it is like walking on eggshells; you have to be very careful when talking about personal issues or trying to give advice because it’s easier for a female to lose a friend over nothing vs a male friend who’s…show more content…
Female friends love to judge other females based upon what they’re wearing, what designer shoes are being worn, the type of handbag she’s carrying, what makeup, she’s wearing, what hairstyle she’s wearing or just the outer genetic makeup of another female. Being friends with females sometimes it’s like a never ending meaningless competition that will never be won. Female friends are superficial. In contrast male friends are not superficial and could care less about how another friend is dressed, what designer clothes or shoes are being worn. Male friends cool and less judgmental and more likely to accept a person for who they are and not what is on the outer appearance of an individual. Having a male friend vs, a female friend is peaceful, just knowing you’re not being judged and you’re accepted for who you really
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