Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalisation

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Globalisation has recently become a significant political issue because of the perceived unfairness of economic outcomes, including loss of jobs for working class people in developed countries and sweat shop conditions of cheap labour in developing countries. Using an assessment of the winners and losers involved, discuss whether globalisation is a positive outcome for society.

The perceived unfairness of economic outcomes due to globalisation has become a significant political issue. Globalisation has its political, economical and cultural disadvantages and advantages. However, the positive/negative impacts of globalisation can be debated. Although globalisation can result in the loss of work for some as well as harsh working
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The reduction of trade barriers as well as the invention and implementation of e-commerce and online businesses has made its easier for individuals, businesses and countries to import foreign goods and services into their countries and society. Not only does this benefit customers but it can also benefit companies as they have the opportunity to cater to a wider global market and have potential to grow their business and make more profit from a much larger customer…show more content…
Technology benefits the society significantly and these advances allow the world to be more interconnected making the exchange of vital information possible in the blink of an eye as well as access to international support due to increased flow of information. Without globalisation there would be less opportunities to travel abroad, less access to international jobs and no access to support from other countries. Globalisation as a whole forces the world to act as a single economy thus reducing the possibility of war between developed nations and promoting world peace as wars would destroy the economy and force the global economy into a depression.“Globalization can yield immense benefits. Elsewhere in the developing world, globalization of knowledge has brought improved health, with life spans increasing at a rapid pace” (Stiglitz,
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