Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gifted Children

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Giftedness is not something generally seen as a problem. Every parent wants their child to have the tools to excel in every area of life,especially their intellectual pursuits. But for every advantage there is a disadvantage which comes with it. While gifted children are capable of much success,it doesn't guarantee success and can have negative effects on the child and cause issues within the family,as well as in school.
So what makes a child gifted?The stereotype is the child in glasses who always has a book in his hands and excels in everything he does.But it's not just general intellectual ability,they can have talent in a specific area,such as math or science.One can be gifted in creative thinking,leadership,psychomotor development,as well as visual and performing arts.
Cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence are often at conflict within gifted children. Boredom can manifest as disruptive behavior which could be misdiagnosed as adhd, perfectionism can lead to anxiety or low self-esteem,and an advanced vocabulary can cause a child to be argumentative with authority. Gifted children also have issues with over sensitivity.They can be hyper aware of what's going on in the world, but aren't emotionally developed enough to deal with it. They may see places on tv that are filled with war, but fail to connect that the war is far away and they probably won't be shot on the way to walmart. This can cause distress and worry,resulting in fear of going outside or having anxiety when they hear an airplane,fearing it will drop a bomb. Another issue is the inability to connect with peers. They often have non age appropriate interests,which makes it difficult to develop friendships and feel isolated.He may prefer watching the disco...

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...eryday. Telling him no to anything can lead to an interrogation that could crack even an FBI agent. Unfortunately he also loves math. Right now he's working on multiplication. Since I'm horrible at math,I don't know how much longer I can help him! I worry about him because he's going into kindergarten this year. I was also considered a gifted child,although now I can't even remember where I put my car keys, and I had a really hard time in school. I always felt isolated,never had friends until middle school,I was so bored and always getting into trouble. I don't want him to have the experience I did. He's currently in Pre-K and already exhibiting the behavior which I'm worried about. Although I'm glad he's an able learner and I hope it takes him far in life,I worry about him having the normal childhood experience,making friends,and developing a positive sense of self.

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