Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most famous social networking services and websites. It launched in February 2004, and it is operated and privately owned by Facebook. As of July 2011, Facebook has more than 800 million active users. People spend a great deal of time sharing private videos and pointless status updates on their profile. We cannot deny the fact that facebook has helped many people learn and stay connected with each other, and has helped to make the world more progressive towards becoming one nation. However, it has countless disadvantages which have touched almost everyone in the world. Many people advise that Facebook and social media should be monitored for several reasons. Facebook contributes to cyber-bullying and other crimes among teenagers and children, negatively impacts productivities in the workplace and sometimes provokes instability in some vulnerable countries.
First of all, the number of children who use facebook and social media has been dramatically increasing according to the research, carried out by the London School of Economics for the European Commission, was based on a survey of 25,000 young people - aged between nine and 16- from across Europe. As a result of this, countless cybercrimes among children are overwhelmingly growing according to the Bullying Statistics Website. For example, children may be lured into abusive relationships with unknown people are interacting with online. Another crime which is related to children and teenagers who use facebook and social media concerns their ability to talk to strangers. Many children utilize facebook and other social media as a mean of making new friends. This is scary idea because there are no guarantees that the new friends use their real profile and c...

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...rumours are spread by facebook pages which belong to an electronic army which is in favour of the previous political regime, and the electronic army use facebook and other social media as weapons to spread unproven information. For example, they recently announced that there would be a shortage of fuel in the upcoming days so that all the gas stations were full of people, causing a lot of turmoil and violence. Most of the Libyan people called for the government to monitor facebook and other social media, and recently, our government has made a motion that facebook and social media should be monitored for the time being until our country becomes more stable.
In a nutshell, facebook and social media should monitored because they contribute to cyber-bullying and other crimes, affect workplace productivity, and finally, causes instability in some vulnerable countries.
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