Advantages And Disadvantages Of Entrance Exam

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College entrance examination is literally the most important exam in China. The exam takes place on June 7th and 8th every year all over the country, and millions of students will participant in. Besides the exams of Chinese, Mathematics and English, each candidate must choose another exam between arts comprehensive and science comprehensive which represent the arts major and science major in college respectively. The exam paper also has many versions, among which the most common one is the national version, but some provinces will produce their own versions. Those versions differ in difficulty, contents and total scores. The scores of students will be ranked according to their paper versions, and each college will set its own “admission line” based on the overall scoring condition of each version. Those whose scores are higher than the “admission line” will be enrolled. College Entrance Examination is the most mainstream method for selecting students who will attend university. It is true that the College Entrance Examination is widely applied in China and it has been used for decades, but this does nott mean this exam system is perfect. In fact, the College Entrance Exam does have many disadvantages. The drawbacks of the College Entrance Examination are that it is unfair, it has bad influences on the students, and it is not an efficient way to select talented students. However, although the Ministry of Education claims this is a fair exam, it is not as fair as it seems. First of all, the exam regionalizes the distribution of the educational resources; it gives students from certain regions advantages because the difficulty of each version of paper is different. For example, the version of Beijing and Shanghai is cons... ... middle of paper ... ... although the exam system is tough, students can be more disciplined while undergoing such educational process. But sadly, this is not the truth. According to Jaime FlorCruz, a journalist of CNN, “In the past few years, there have been well-publicized reports of attempted cheating, and police have arrested 64 people suspected of ‘selling high tech devices to help students cheat’” (CNN). Given the discussion above, it becomes clear that the College Entrance Examination does have some drawbacks. If the Ministry of Education can make some changes, the exam will certainly become better. For instance, they can unify the exam around the nation, make the exam less competitive, focus the exam more on self-thinking, and add subject tests. In this way, the exam will become fairer, have more positive impact on students, and provide universities with more useful information.
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