Advantages And Disadvantages Of Domes

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Without a doubt, domes are beautiful infrastructures of human creation. But how did they think about those infrastructures, how did they came with the idea of building a dome? This is a design that engineers still use nowadays in 2016. Many people have use domes has gorgeous structures, for protection, or even for climate purposes. They are all around the world, they are being used by different people, but one thing is sure, they all have different ways of being seen and different stories that keep them mysterious. Despite their mysterious side, the domes’ historical side can’t be discuss without the Dome of the Rock and Brunelleschi’s dome; both of religious aspects of the middle east.

Everyone in this world had been in contact with religion,
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Florence, Italy. One of the most prodigious city that held genius artists during the Renaissance period like; Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and not to forget, Filippo Brunelleschi. Built 600 years ago, without the help of tools we have nowadays, the dome of the Florence Cathedral had launched the “city of art” to the top of the competition with his 4 million bricks, weighing around 40 thousand tons, and still the largest dome in the world. Florence was in a race with other art emerging cities, such as Siena and Pisa, each city trying to outdo the other by building bigger cathedrals, but Florence was determined to break this race. Years before Filippo was born in 1377, the cathedral was in construction and the committee hit an obstacle that seemed impossible to overcome, the dome. “With the dome. Florence moves to an entirely different dimension, the dome becomes the hub of a new city, a new world. It is so soaring, so daring, so confident, so absolute structure, it’s like a work of god” Said Timothy Verdon(Art Historian, PhD from Yale University, priest in Florence, Cathedral foundation museum). Not knowing how to finish with the secret piece(the dome), the committee decided to open their gates for ideas, Brunelleschi appeared in the decor and proposed them to build a self supported
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