Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coal Pollution

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The Disadvantages of Coal Use
If the government would make it to where we had to use alternative fuels, it would help the economy and the environment in many ways. Critics in the United States and the Environmental Protection Agency, say that coal mines cause too much pollution by using coal as an energy source. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that there are too many chemicals being emitted into the air, and that the chemicals are causing global warming, environmental damage, and health problems. The EPA should make stricter regulations on the coal companies and coal powered plants. The EPA's stricter regulations could help cut down on the pollution and help the environment, slowly build back up.
One major, disadvantage to using coal, is the impact it has on our environment. Mining the coal itself, causes the land to be damaged. On top of the land damage, the actual burning of the coal emits harmful waste into the air, land and water causing acid rain, smog, and toxic air pollution. The acid rain is taking a big toll on the environment, by killing plants and damaging the water systems. The toll it is taking on the environment by killing the grass, trees, and other plants, in return, is killing animals. It is causing the water to be undrinkable and unsafe to even swim in at times. The smog is causing the sun light to be blocked from the earth. Burning coal, also emits twice as much carbon dioxide, when compared to natural gas, to produce the same level of heat. This increases the levels of harmful greenhouse gasses emitted into the earth's atmosphere.
Coal also releases many different chemicals into the air, which are causing major health issues. Power plants that are powered by coal, release many chemicals that are...

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...p the environment a tremendous amount. This will make a lot more people happy that they will be able to swim in the water without worrying about getting diseases and all the plants dying.
Summing up the disadvantages of coal, the EPA reports, that the harmful chemical waste produced by coal, causes many environmental and health issues. Some of the more serious health issues, are, but not limited to, respiratory problems, hearing loss, liver poisoning, liver cancer, kidney damage, brain damage, and nerve damage. All serious conditions, that is associated with coal. Weather, it is, by mining it, by burning it, by swimming in or eating creatures from contaminated water. The environmental impact of coal, causes plants and animal live to be poisoned or to die. It is the basic cause and effect example. The coal companies get greedy, and the effect is, the planet suffers.
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