Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fibre Composites

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Some limitations that occur when producing carbon fiber composites is the price that it takes to make the material, the quality of the fibers, and the quality of the process. As illustrated earlier in this paper, the procedure of making carbon fiber composites has many procedures and with each additional step comes the opportunity to make an error. Wither it is oxidation, carbonizing, or treating of the strands, all have potential of error if not done correctly which would lead to an inferior product. Then manufactures have a choice of epoxy and of desired weave. Both of these allow the final product to have different characteristics depending on the chosen technique. Lastly, a major limitation that occurs with carbon fiber composites is the…show more content…
Without damage to carbon fiber parts and products, they will almost literally last forever. (2) When considering the consumer, this longevity of carbon fiber products makes for a great investment and keeps the products in circulation much longer than other materials. (2)
The three major disadvantages when using carbon fiber deposits are cost and what happens when carbon fiber reaches its failure limits. As mentioned prior, carbon fiber is a high quality material with a high demand, also mass production of the product is nearly impossible. This makes carbon fiber a very costly material to use.
Another folly for carbon fiber composites is that when it is compresses beyond its strength capabilities or exposed to high impact, it will break or shatter. (1) If stuck with a high force impact, like a hammer, the material will crack. (1) Machining and holes can also create weak areas that may increase its likelihood of breaking. (1) The reason carbon fiber will shatter instead of just deforming with high impact is the same reason it also has a high strength. Since it is made up of closely woven strands that are made up of fibers, when the bonds of these fibers break, energy is released in a violent way because of the tension in the
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(2) These components are often 100% carbon made and can be as thick as a few inches at the root of the blade. (2) These ribs are made of carbon so it can add the additional strength that is required without added more weight, making the wind turbine more efficient at creating electricity. (2)
If carbon fiber composites became more widely used in society, humanity would be greatly benefitted by using this unique material. With a higher increase in demand, more carbon fiber would have to be produced, which would drop the price of the material. Also, since there is such longevity with carbon fiber composites, resale of items is defiantly a possibility, furthering the reduction of price of carbon fiber components.
The longer carbon fiber composites are in demand and products are being built, the cheaper the material will become and an increase in strength, a decrease in weight, and an overall better and more efficient product will be produced. Carbon fiber composites are truly a unique and revolutionary

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