Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbohydrates

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The bulk of our diets should be carbohydrates because of the importance that they serve on the body. Carbohydrates give our bodies fuel and energy that allows the rest of our body to function properly. The only other nutrients that fuel our bodies are protein and fats, which have their disadvantages. Protein when consumed in an excess amount actually is not helpful. While fats are only used as fuel by certain areas in the body. Our brains and nervous systems do not find fats to be useful when conducting energy. Carbohydrates not only provide energy for the body but they also help with glucose storage, raw materials, structures and functions, digestive tract health, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, satiety, and body weight. The dietary guidelines…show more content…
One negative aspect on carbohydrates in diabetes. Diabetes is not caused just by carbohydrates, however when you are not consuming the right types of carbohydrates and you are consuming way too many of them, your body has an excess amount of glucose left over. This is where a normal human’s insulin jumps in and try to regulate the high amount of blood glucose. Overtime, your body will begin to lose the ability to produce insulin because it is constantly working and spitting it out to control normal levels. This is when diabetes is diagnosed. The most common type is type two which is typically linked with obesity. Nowadays, type two is just as severe as type one can be. Type one is not diagnosed due to a bad eating habit, it is genetic and the body just does not make insulin, oppose to type two when the body tissue has lost sensitivity to the insulin. Junk carbohydrates, as I like to call them (popcorn, chips, soda, etc.) are stored in the body as fat. Which then leads to obesity and an unhealthy diet. This is why it is important to make sure you are consuming the RIGHT type of
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