Advantages And Disadvantages Of Body Cameras

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Today, many police department have made their officers wear body cameras. Body worn cameras are very helpful in any altercation that could lead to many other troubles. Violence is a big issue between officers and the public and with these cameras they can record anything needed as evidence. Cameras can be, and are very helpful in many ways, yet also a disadvantage in some ways. However, every officer on duty in the country to ensure their own safety and also the safety of the community should wear them. Oakland, California police department was the first large police department to start the use of the police body cameras. When they pushed the use of them, they made the rule where they had to record everything from just driving in a certain direction if they were trying to pull someone over up until they were done with the violator and back in there vehicle back on there way to the road. People were skeptics about the use of the cameras but the police officers were won over. They valued the use of them. The cameras help show that the officers are doing the right thing consistently and are very hardworking. In the past 2 years they have seen that the complaints…show more content…
The cameras are there to watch what is going on between the police officers and people they are speaking to so that there are no wrong doings and if they were, they would be recorded and will be corrected. They are worn to prove that situations are being taken care of in the correct way. They aren 't trying to prove what someone is doing something wrong, they are trying to protect themselves from the accusations when they were doing the right thing like in the Michael Brown case. The body cameras that almost all departments have, are getting turned on as soon as the sirens come on just like the dashboard cameras do so nobody can get accused of something ("Bastrop police, sheriff 's office get

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