Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biomaterials

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ASSIGNMENT - 1 NAME S/LT NAEEM SARWAR PN P.NO 8817 CLASS IV-ME SEC B 1-BIOMATERIALS: DEFINATION: Biomaterials are those which can be explained as a substance introduced in body tissue as its part of medical devices or used instead of an organ. COMPOSITION: Bio materials are made up of • Metals • Ceramics • Semiconductors • Plastics • Composites INTRODUCTION: Biomaterials are derived from nature or in the laboratory using various chemical approaches utilizing metallic components for example composite, polymers and ceramics materials. These materials are usually used for a medical application and it consists of part or whole of a living structure or biomedical device which performs as a natural function. These materials are more likely used for a human heart valve and veins or may be bioactive with interactive functionality such as hip implants. Biomaterials are also used in drug delivery every day and also in dental applications surgery .Biomaterials scientists are nowadays paying more and more attention to the progress of inorganic crystallization within a largely organic as expected occurring compounds. These processes typically occur at some temperature and pressure. Remarkably the animated organisms are through which these crystalline form of minerals are capable of consistently producing complexly complex structures. Considerate the processes of living organisms are capable of flexible the growth of crystalline minerals for example silica could lead to insignificant scientific mixture techniques for Nano scale composite materials. The biomaterial word is used for materials that can be used in clinical and biomedical applications. These bio materials are biocompatible in nature. Presently many types... ... middle of paper ... ...ating to the linear and nonlinear optical ranges, temperature need of resistivity spin resonance spectra and magnetic susceptibility dimensions. Extent of charming and challenging results have been industrialized that lead our viewpoint understanding of quantum excavating, quantum stage change, surface effect quantum size effect confinement and nonlinear susceptibility enhancements. NATURAL NANO MATERIALS: The good structure of viruses, the wax crystals cover a lotus or leaf, and spider-mite silk, the (spatula) on the bottommost of gecko feet, butterfly wing scales, natural colloids milk blood horny materials “hair , beaks ,feathers , horns skin” and even our bone matrix are all natural organic nanomaterial’s. Natural inorganic nanoparticles are from natural wearing away or volcanic action but also from fire. The burning results of mineral cement and pigments.
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