Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Prosecutor

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The area of Criminal Justice System I want to go for is being a prosecutor. A prosecutor is a policymaker prosecutors is one of the most important people 's within the criminal justice system they also have a critical role before, during and after every trial. The prosecutor has many things that they can offer the defend plead bargains. The duty of a prosecutor is to seek justice for the innocent and to convict the guilty. To put away a guilty person the prosecutor must have evidence of that person to put them away. There a lot of prosecutors that always have a lot of case and papers work to take care of. You have to have many types of qualifications to become a prosecutor. There are many different types of advantages and disadvantages of becoming a prosecutor. There are so many different reasons why there are so many prosecutors and what they really stand for in the community. Prosecutors have to do the most important part of their job is to make sure they investigate the criminal acts that have happened. They must have evidence of that person to make sure that person go to jail. When someone admitted they are guilty, they state that willingly that is a guilty plea they chose to take, giving the…show more content…
Losing a case is a disadvantage because you feel like a loser and you wouldn’t have made any money, you can also lose clients because of the lost. Another disadvantage you would have to deal with long hours at work, till sometimes you would have to take your or home with you. A last disadvantage is spending long hours away from family and friends to deal with these cases to win. By taking criminal off the streets is an advantage because you are making the streets safer. Another advantage is when you have your community see people 's getting punished for their actions. My last advantage is you can also help the innocent people 's not get punished for crimes that someone else

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