Advantages And Benefits Of Ethanol

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Ethanol is made from biomass and is a renewable fuel. It can be used to reduce air pollution. The carbon dioxide used to grow crops that are used to make ethanol make up for the carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere as a result of combustion. 10% Ethanol is usually mixed with 90% gasoline to obtain the right mixture which can be used in the vehicles. It is a good idea to invest in bio-fuels such as Ethanol, as it will essentially help in reducing air pollution. It is not viable to use it alone as a fuel because Gasoline contains 30% more energy than Ethanol per gallon. Ethanol production helps in job creation especially in rural areas where employment opportunities are much needed. A large number of direct jobs are created…show more content…
It also reduces the pressure to drill in areas where we ought to take care of the environment. The oil prices are currently at an all time low in the world market, so there is a very small market for Ethanol bio-fuel consumers. When the oil prices will shoot up again, bio-fuels usage controversy will stoke up again. There is a certain reduction in performance of a vehicle running on Bio-fuels or mixtures with gasoline. In order to produce ethanol, farmland would be used which can instead be used in growing crops. Large amount of fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides are used in producing bio-fuels which ultimately leads to reduction in quality of land, and inhibits sustainable development. It can also lead to increase in prices of other food products as less and less land would be available for farming crops for human consumption. Using Ethanol and other bio-fuels is not a viable alternative to traditional energy sources. We should instead look at electric energy for vehicular use. Tesla Motors has shown that it is possible to make a sports car and a luxury sedan in electric variants which can be as good as a car run on gasoline. We should recycle our waste products instead of sending them to a landfill.…show more content…
The impact that wind power has on the environment as compared to the use of fossil fuels is minimal. These facilities can to maximum production from zero very quickly, as hydropower plants can generate power to grid immediately. Hydroelectric power is a domestic source of energy, permitting every state to generate their own energy without relying on international fuel sources. Hydropower plants help in irrigation, controlling floods, and water supply, apart from being a sustainable fuel source. Solar energy is the ultimate alternate energy source. All fuels require sunlight for their production including non renewable ones. Solar energy is efficient in heating materials. Using the right equipment like solar powered batteries, solar panels etc, we can use solar water heaters, solar powered cars, solar bulbs, and solar cookers. Companies like Solar City are providing solar panels which are installed in many buildings, and are being used in generating electricity for domestic use. Solar power generation requires very little maintenance. Once the solar panels are installed, and are operating at maximum efficiency there is a little amount of maintenance required to make sure that they are
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