Advantage Of Robotic Surgery

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In episode 4, “Not Your Grandmother’s Robotic Surgery”, James’ third grade teacher, Mrs. Gardner, comes in with a torn meniscus. During an MRI, it is shown that Mrs. Gardner has a cystic mass on her bone, which turns out to be stage 4 renal cell carcinoma, which metastasized to her lungs, liver, and brain. Due to how advanced the cancer was, chemotherapy and radiation were not options. James’, inspired by spiders, wanted to create a robot which would remove the tumors from all four sites at once. After testing the robot on the mannequin, and experiencing difficulties, they decide that the robot needs to operate on an X, Y, and Z axis, and not be positioned as if humans were performing the surgery. The robot was designed to operate with five…show more content…
Some of these being: you can make small cuts instead of performing open surgery, the surgeon can easier use the tools when compared to a laparoscopic surgery through an endoscope, the surgery area is more visible to the surgeon and can move in a more comfortable way, however; surgeries utilizing robotic surgery can take longer to perform, and many hospitals do not have access to robotic surgery tools. For some complex procedures, robotic surgery is not an option. Some common surgeries that robotic surgery is used are: hip replacement, coronary artery bypass, kidney transplant, and tubal ligation. Robotic surgery has the common risks that are also associated with laparoscopic and open surgery: infection, hemorrhage, reactions to medications, and breathing problems; however there is a less chance of infection, bleeding, and pain. Robotic surgery is also associated with a faster recovery, which equals a shorter hospital stay, and smaller scars compared to open surgery, but some are weary of using a non-traditional…show more content…
Some doctors think that the main reason robotic surgery is used is due to the wow factor. These same doctors do not think that there is enough research to be able to say that robotic surgery is as good, or better than open surgeries. Robotic surgery has come a long way, but it is nowhere near perfect. The chief of robotic surgery at Langone Medical Center, Dr. Michael Stifelman, says, “We are at the tip of the iceberg. What we thought was impossible 10 years ago is now commonplace.”. Doctors in support of robotic surgery say that operations using robotic surgery are less tiring, robot hands don’t shake, the chance of less bleeding, and a possibly short recovery time. Some reports that have been filed against the da Vinci surgical system include a 2012 case where a woman died during a hysterectomy because the robot nicked a blood vessel, a New York man whose colon was perforated during prostate surgery, and during a colorectal surgery a robotic arm would not let go of tissue it had grasped during surgery, requiring a total system shut down. Despite the reported complications, robotic surgery is still on the rise. Dr. Stifelman’s hospital, Langone Medical Center, expected to do 1,200 robotic surgeries in 2013, compared to only 175 in
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