Advantage Of Pizza Hut

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i) Barrier to entry The Quick Service Restaurant setup for pizza entails a high price and investment consideration. Pizza Hut Malaysia being a subsidiary of KFC Holdings Malaysia Berhad had the relief of financial resources to develop compared to new competitors. Besides that, with the dine-in concept and new product innovations like “stuffed crust”, Pizza Hut is very distinguished from its closest competitor, Domino’s Pizza. Shakey’s Pizza will find it hard to replicate the efforts of Pizza Hut due to limited financial resources. A procedure of such business structure will definitely necessitate a company that bears the advantage of investing funds available. The public listed KFC Holdings and the improving performance shown above will definitely put Pizza Hut Malaysia in a better stead to compete with the others by this fact. Besides Shakey’s Pizza, who also employed the dine-in
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Nevertheless, none of the players have to-date used product personalization effectively, although Pizza Hut Malaysia allowed 2 options of toppings on the same pizza called “Splitzza”. In that location should be “more choices available” in order to kill the alternative available to expire to the competitors. Pizza Hut Malaysia should innovate to offer such options more creatively. This region of changing customer needs indicates well for all producers of pizza. Pizzas are no more propriety to the Italians. The food is widely taken by all Malaysian as the West has taken over it. The universality can only further be differentiated by developing original well received recipes of pizza, like what Pizza Hut did to the fusion meals. Nonetheless, the younger generations will be automatically influenced into the pizza eating culture as most cinema shows feature the pizza delivery boy when food scenes are
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