Advantage Of Moral Leadership

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Leaders are people who can make success and failure for their business or organization. They have a very big impact of their organization’s life, therefore without a good leader it is impossible for an organization to reach their goals. Leader who has moral leadership is someone who knows what is right and what is wrong to make a decision and they are who can inspire and motivate their employee. Being moral leader has many advantages in many aspects for a company or an organization. This essay will show many reasons why there are many advantages for being moral leader in company or organization such as decrease liability, employee’s performance, high quality of customer’s services, increase the triple bottom line, and will followed by the conclusion…show more content…
The main different between immoral leadership and moral leadership are the way they lead. Immoral leader will be just focus on gain and increase their profit without have any thought about ethics and the environment. On the other hand moral leader will consider all matters to make a decision. They would be more people oriented and they will consider what effect will occur because of their decision. Therefore their employee will feel respected by their leader. Thus they will be more speak up, innovative and help them make a better decision then it will increase their performances on the job and their loyalty to the business or…show more content…
For the business itself it will not just increase the profit of the business, yet it will also make the work place to have a positive atmosphere inside. The business will have many idea and innovation from its employee that eventually can make more profit and benefit for the business itself. Moral leader will bring the business to have more customers and increase their loyalty to the business because the business can provide a high quality services for their customers. The benefit of moral leadership will not just for the organization but also for many aspects outside the organization such as people, environment, and economic growth. Moral leadership is very important aspect that every leader should have in 21st century, because eventually without moral leadership all of the stakeholders will have many
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