Advantage Of Fast Food Essay

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Fast Food
Food is one of the things to lead people to survive. There are many different kinds of food let people to choose to eat such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, etc. Fast food is one of the foods that people would choose a lot because of the price and the time. In many people’s mind fast food means foods already prepared and served quickly. If people who are hurry to get their food and do not have much time to eat, fast food must the good choice for them. McDonald, KFC, and Popeye would be the first few restaurants show up in people’s mind, but still has many healthy fast foods in the United States. Today, there are many different kinds of fast food restaurants in United States; lots of people choose to eat fast food as their meal daily. Even eating fast food can save time and money, still have many negative sides of choosing fast food.
The first benefit of fast food is saving time because some people may spend lots of time of their jobs or other things. “In today’s fast-paced life, there is nothing better than getting a ready meal” (Bose, 2012). In fact, lots of people live in a busy society; fast food is the good choice for them. There are many people have to put lots of time on their work and go home late every day, so they do not have much time to cook at home or wait for long time in restaurants. For example, people who off from their work very late, very hungry and tired when they return home, fast food must a best choose for them because they can save the time of preparing the food for cook. Also, they can save the time of clean the kitchen after they cooked. However, eating fast food can save people’s time.
The second benefit of fast food is saving money. “Cost saving gives fast food an e...

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In conclusion, fast food has many benefits such as saving money and save time, but it still can cause many healthy problems. People have to understand how to choose their foods and they can choose the food from healthy menu or the calories chart to reduce the chance of getting healthy problem. If people who live with family, they can spends more time to eat dinner at home instead eat fast food for dinner. Also, having dinner at home with family is cheaper than eat fast food. Everyone should eat least fast food and start eating healthy.

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