Advantage Of Attending College

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In recent years, the importance of higher education become irresistanable fact for the students. Not only parents but also students haven’t enough information to importance of attending college. Some parent seem that as a wasting money and it doesn’t worth its price. Addition to this, some students seem that like a wasting. However, there are several benefits having college diploma. Being aware of the necessity of the higher educaiton makes parents’ and student’s life easier. Because, having conscious of the importance of university education can prevent the material and moral problems in the family. There are four major advantage of attending a college. First of all, people who graduate from a college can make more money compared with high…show more content…
Probably, a major part of students don’t know what kind of career they want and thus couldn’t possibly select a major? Don’t worry: you are not alone. Truthfully, lots of college graduates don 't even know exactly what they want to do when they finish college. However, students can explore and start getting new idea of what it is that them might like to do, because there are a lot of opportunities. Moreover, students can widen theirs horizon because of the college. There are a lot of experienced teachers. On the other hand, there are a lot of seminars to gain some experiences and ideas which is given by successful business men. For example, my major is civil engineering. I don’t have any idea why I choose this major. I always just said that I want to be an civil engineer, but now I set up some plans about my future and it caused by talking with experienced people. Everything about your future is up to you, because nobody can know you better than…show more content…
Nobody can not forget their college friendships and stories. Parties, football matches, girls, boys… It can be everything. Probably, these years will be the best years their life’s. Addition to this, some friendships start at the college, and it remains until the death. Actually, it is not just a friendship for the some situations. There are a lot of people who married with their college crush. On the other hand, all these activities and meeting new people are an advantage for the future, because as people become acquainted with the new people, they will have more opportunities and advantages. Every powerful people have another powerful people. Succeeding in business life related with not only person but also people around them. As a consequence, attending a college has a low of advantages. Absolutely, it can put students and their families in a hard situation. It is not an easy burden to lift. However, all of this hard situations worth this education. They will understand the beneficial sides of this education in the future. On the other hand, nobody can ignore that education makes people more well-behaved and intelligent. Addition to this, education always add new information to students. There is a wise saying from Daniel J. Boorstin: “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t
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