Advantage And Disadvantage Of Facebook Essay

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Nowadays, the human being has developed the necessity to share their daily life like what they are eating, what they are doing, and their vacation, between others with friends, family and even strangers. For this, a tool called Facebook has been created.

Facebook is a great tool and has many advantages. The first one is that it keeps us connected with family, old friends, and new friends. Most of us have family or friends living far away like in other state or country. Facebook helps us to maintain contact with each other; for example, when I moved from Venezuela I was afraid that I lost contact with my friends; however, Facebook has made it very easy for me. It give me the capacity to upload photos really quick, share a status, send personal message, and everything without a cost.

Also, when we are planning an event, Facebook can become very handy; for instance, if we are planning a birthday party or a meeting with friends, instead of sending invitations by mail and maybe forgetting someone, Facebook gives us the opportunity to select all the friends that we want from our friend ...
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