Adult Tantrum Essay

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My first reaction to the question, “Can’t we all just get along?” is “No, we cannot all get along”. Then I considered the fact that unless I hear something in the media about some incident, most people I know get along with everyone and genuinely care for all people. I am not thinking throughout my day, “I hope I can get along with all these people”. Typically, I encounter and dialogue with people in my professional life and personal life of all races, social status, gender preference, and those with disabilities throughout my week or month and never have a problem getting along with anyone. I also have colleagues and personal friends that deal with all types of people in their professions and neighborhoods; no one has an issue treating…show more content…
Selfishness and pride causes us to want what we want or what others have and when we do not get our way we throw an adult tantrum. Much like a two year old that has a tantrum, which we do not have to teach them they just learn it on their own, the child sees what it wants and cannot have it hence a tantrum ensues. Adult tantrums are just in different forms when someone does not get what they “feel” is owed or deserved there is a negative reaction, complaint, lawsuit, protest, or tantrum. We like to think we are “Good” or that we “Do Good” and most of us actually do a tremendous amount of wonderful things, although we are only better than the person who we perceive as not being or doing as much good as ourselves. We are considered worse the person who perceives themselves as doing just a little bit more “Good” than our self. There is always something worse and there is always something better. Human life is important and dignified no matter what color or gender. Everyone must respect all human life. This does not mean that we have to agree or have the same opinion or that someone even like my opinion or me, but we must treat people with dignity and respect. The ability to see an idea or choice from another person’s perspective helps me to understand their actions and motives although it does not mean I agree with their choices. I feel like “Can’t we all just get along?” is sometimes interpreted as “Can’t we all just agree?” or “You need to agree with me and like my choices.” I believe we can agree to
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