Adult Interview and Discussion

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Introduction of Interviewees In this paper, three individual interviews of persons form each stage of adulthood—Emerging Adulthood, Middle Adulthood, and Late Adulthood—will be presented and discussed. The first interviewee’s name is Brandi who is an 18-year-old girl. As a high school student, she is interested in this project. She comes from a single parent family. And as a child rise by her mother, she has so much to say about being an adult. The second interviewee’s name is Meredith who is a 31-year-old woman. As a master in a university, she is busy in rising up her 11-year-old daughter and working. Life is tough for her, but she is still look positive towards the future. The third interviewee’s name is Taylor who is a 50-year-old woman. She lives with her son, daughter-in-law and two lovely grandsons. She is a Chinese professor, but she is still participant in public activities such as this project. Domains of Development In the following sections, a comparison of the answers to the same questions will be conducted and discuss follows. On the one hand, the three interviewees have much in common. They are all female. On the other hand, they have many differences. For example, except Taylor, the others live in America since they were born there, so they have been under the influence of American culture. Taylor is oldest among the three people and a traditional Chinese, and Brandi is the youngest. Brandi and Meredith live with only one relative while Taylor has a big family. As for SES level, Brandi is too ordinary people but Meredith and Taylor are known by lots of people and have much more income every year. Small wonder, those similarities and differences will affect their experiences in adulthood. The family structure may ma... ... middle of paper ... change as the time passes by (Hesse, 2008). But they also have something different. They tend to consider health in different degree, the older put much more importance on healthy life style than the younger. The older are also more tolerant than the younger when faced with difficulties. Cognition development going with age is the key as aspect to the point to the different (IJzendoorn, 1995). As the oldest one, Taylor has found her way to achieve successful aging and life satisfaction while the others are still looking for it. The knowledge comes from life experience and peaceful attitude towards life which they can gain from books and what the older people have told us (Roisman, Holand & Fortuna, 2007). The research throws light upon how to grow up healthier and happier during the adulthood, the answers may be a peaceful heart and a brain thirsty for knowledge.
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