Adult Crime Case Study

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Adult Crime Adult Time
Children are taught right from wrong from the time they are born. Adolescences have a firm grasp on the value of human life. To take someone else’s life on purpose is not something that can be treated lightly. People like to blame the violent movies they watch or the games they play. They say that the violence has desensitized them, making it, so they no longer understand right from wrong. That simply isn’t true. It is said that juveniles lack the maturity to understand the wrongfulness of their actions; I however, disagree in the case of violent crimes. As children, we are educated in the matter of right and wrong. Hence when it comes to something that is incredibly wrong such as violent crimes, it is a clear cut case,
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Juveniles who commit violent crimes know exactly what they are doing, and they also had the intent to kill. Families want to blame it on violent movies or violent TV shows, but violent acts are all around us, and we are taught right from wrong at a young age. Perhaps if we start trying juveniles as adults, minors would then think twice about committing crimes in the first place. Even though many states allow juveniles to be tried as adults, other countries still have restrictions against it. Juveniles that commit heinous and malicious crimes should be tried as adults, as long as they have the understanding of what is right and wrong (Juvenile Justice 2008). If a juvenile wants to commit an adult crime, they should have to pay adult time. Many minors feel that they can commit these adult crimes because they feel that they will only be charged with a juvenile…show more content…
People have adamant opinions on this matter because no one likes to see kids serving a hard time. There are many questions that people have about this topic, and there are many issues that would need to be answered to satisfy people’s opinions on this controversial topic. Though the questions that will be replied to throughout the paper are as follow; what would qualify as a violent crime? Would it make a difference in the crime rate? And if tried as an adult, would they be sent to an adult
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