Adoption Vs Adoption

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Growing up in a foster home or adoption home would be hard for any child. This is what some people want since they do not want single people or non-heterosexual people to adopt these children. It has been a long time coming since single people have been allowed to foster or adopt a child, and it is still a rarity today. Even if they are approved to adopt, the have a harder process to go through to actually having that child. However, I think a home is a home and as long as the child is being cared for and loved it does not matter who raises them. The adoption process for single people is still difficult today even though it has changed much from when it began. Many of the kids that single people get are children with special needs or the “undesirable” children. Priority went to couple that are in a heterosexual relationship and when they got to adopt they chose the healthy kids first. Single people don’t mind, they just want to be able to have a child to call theirs. A study shows that “approximately… one- quarter of all children with special needs are adopted by single individuals today…” . If given the chance to adopt, the single parent will take whoever because they want to become a parent. They want someone to care for and to nurture, they do not overlook a child with special needs for a healthy kid. Single people planning on adopting do not hold the same ignorance as couples do, due to the fact that they do not see a disability but they see a child. Not much has been done to help the process for single parent adoption to go easier. They first public support for them was in 1965, only fifty- one years ago. The fact that we have not developed and supported this topic is embarrassing for the United States. The first major ste... ... middle of paper ... ...ple who want to adopt alone are seen as unqualified. Although it is a growing trend for single people and people of the LGBTQ community to adopt and successfully go through the adoption process, it still has a negative shadow casted over it. People who oppose these adoptions are not focusing on the children in need but on their own beliefs. They claim that it is not good for the children and that they are only looking out for them, but it seems to be more of a hatred for the people wanting to adopt. In modern day America there is no “normal” family, there is no correct way to raise your child so they turn out to be perfect, there is only having a family that fits your lifestyle and what is best for everyone involved. So instead of setting restrictions on who can adopt, we should encourage more people to adopt because there are plenty of children that can use a home.

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