Adoption Issues: A Family is Made with Love

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She should have brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a pretty smile. Or do I want a little boy, so I can raise him to be a football quarterback. Do I want to be buying pink princess costumes or scary monster costumes? Am I even ready to care for another person? People question themselves while deciding whether or not adoption is the right choice for them. Not all hopeful, soon-to-be parents pass the first set of qualifications. Every adoption’s goal is to bring a son or daughter into a new family. However, each type also has different processes and qualifications. In addition to the qualifications, the government has established legislation to safeguard the adoption process. As adoption rates grow, so do the controversies surrounding adoption. Adoption is a long, strenuous process that has continuously changing throughout the years.

All adoptive parents must undergo the adoption process. This process could take months or years and includes lots of paperwork and may even be considered a test of commitment (Bernstein and Bernstein par. 2). Although there are no formal laws stating what kind of person can adopt, adoption agencies establish rules and guidelines for adoptive parents. These rules differ from agency to agency and range from marital status to criminal records. Agencies gather information that will guarantee a “safe and stable environment, with loving and supportive parents” (“Review of Qualification …” 2). Agencies try to warrant compatibility and compassion for each child they place with adoptive parent. Rules and guidelines are not limited to agencies; birthparents and the state can also enforce their own rules. Exceptions to rules are common; however, many adoptive parents do not meet all the qualificati...

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...e numbers still climb rapidly.

Society currently views making a family that isn’t biological in nature controversial. Nonetheless, individual families hold the right to decide the makeup of their family. If each family focuses on the true nature of a family, unconditional love, we, as a society, will adopt and carry on the term of a family. With choice, people have the freedom to make their families, either biologically or by adoption. Jessica hit the nail on the head when she states “[she was] glad [she] made that phone call when [she] did because now [she knows her] son will have the life [she has] always wanted for him” (par. 5). Adoptive parents are a source of that unconditional love that children need for survival. An orphanage creates hostile views on mothers and families. Children waiting to be adopted often feel left out or even rejected.
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