Adolf Hitler 's Influence On The United Under The Guise Of Making Germany Great Again

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Guided by racist and authoritarian ideals, Hitler created a nation united under the guise of making Germany great again. Adolf Hitler had lofty goals when he rose to power in the 1930s, many of these goals revolved around the foreign policy plans he wanted to implement. The Fuhrer 's will became the foundation for all policies and legislation that would come after his rise to power. He was able to strike fear into his competitors by his immense support, the people of Germany rallying behind him with full force. “Everybody thought that there was some justification in Hitler’s demands. All Germans hated Versailles. Hitler tore up this hateful treaty and forced France to its knees…. people said, ‘he’s got courage to take risks’”. The policy of British “appeasement” was not enough to pacify Hitler and his unending thirst for domination and unification.
Hitler was determined that he was meant to dominate Europe, he saw himself as having the mind to do so. He had set out his ideas in a book called Mein Kampf that he had written in prison in 1924, proving that he was not just a spur of the moment man. His main goals were to destroy the Treaty of Versailles forced on Germany. He and many other Germans believed that the Treaty was too harsh and should not have been enacted against them. He wished to unite all German speakers together in one country, promoting the all too familiar idea of nationalism that was present in the world at the time. After World War I there were Germans living in many countries in Europe that were not unified under one German rule. Hitler hoped that by bringing them together in one country he would create a powerful unit that would become a force to be reckoned with. Lastly he hoped to expand east...

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...r of Great Britain.
However, having the determination that Hitler did was not enough to defeat the Allied forces as the war went on. He went as far to believe that he had fought the wrong war, but why? His foreign policies were clear from the very beginning: destroy the Treaty of Versailles, unite all German-speaking nations, and racially cleanse the land he wanted to create for his new collection of German people. His statement must be made false due to the fact that even though he lost the war, Hitler had the footing and power to achieve most of his goals. He was able to get rid of the reparations and problems caused by the Treaty of Versailles, and he was able to attain new territory for the German people, yet not to the scale he wished. Hitler was a great militaristic genius, but he lacked the full cooperation of the nations around him to complete his aims.
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