Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust

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World War II (WWII) was one of the most deadly and widespread wars on the planet. An estimated 50 million people died through the course of those six years. 11 million of those people ruthlessly murdered due to their race, religion, political stand point, etc. One might ask the question, " Why? Why would someone like Hitler murder millions of people in an act of mass genocide?" I personally think that no one truly knows the answer to that question I do however, however know why we would study something like the Holocaust, and likewise WWII. In order to explain it sufficiently I think that one must start with the story of Adolf Hitler. In 1889, on April 20th Adolf Hitler was born. As a young Austrian boy, Hitler wanted to be an artist and applied at a prestigious art school in Vienna. He apllied several times, and each time he was rejected. As Adolf grew older both of his parents passed away. He then joined the German military and fought in WWI. After being injured twice he learned that Germany had surrendered. Wanting to bring Germany back...

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