Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust

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Adolf Hitler is from Austria. He was in the German war and got injured for a period of time. He wanted to become an artist but when he got rejected to go to art school twice. People wonder why Hitler was a horrible person. Maybe because people thought he was not good enough. Maybe because he just was not in anybody's liking.
During the 1930s, Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, wrote a book, and started a war with a Nazi party. Hitler also tired to overthrow the German government, but failed and was sent to prision. He was supposed to spend five years but he only spent nine months. In those nine months, he wrote a book called Mien Kampf meaning My Struggle. After Adolf Hitler got out of prision and when their president died, he became Chancellor of Germany. Hitler only wanted people with blue eyes and blonde hair to be in his country. So he started to make a plan and that plan was to eliminate anybody who didn't follow those standards.

Hitler came up with this elimation process called The Holocaust. He made laws called The Nuremburg Laws and in these laws there was a list of "the undesirables"; people who didn't follow Hitlers standards. The list consisted of mostly Jews. They had to wear the Star of David to be identified and they could not marry, own a bussiness, go to stores, be out passed eight o'clock, or ride in cars. Even if you were not Jewish and your last name sounded Jewish, you were therefore considered Jewish. It was against the law to hid Jews or for Jews to go into hiding. You were known to be a criminal if you did. There were many more undersirables, but they did not have to follow those laws. There was also Roma (Gypsies), Polish and other Slavakians, Political Dissidents abd Dessenting Clergy, the mentally and phy...

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...o the bible. Anne went to three camps. First a work camp, second a death camp called Aushwitz, and lastly another death camp called Bergen-Belsen. Two weeks before Germany surrender and the prisioners were set free from the camps, Anne died of Typhis.

We learn about The Holocaust so history does not repeat itself. Nobody wants to be in a group of people or race or religion that society does not want or like. Everybody is the same in some way, but they are also different; and people should repsect that. Just because they are different does not mean they should be blamed or singled out either. We, as the United States, try to prevent something like segregation, The Hololcaust, or wars from happening again because it is the right thing to do and people want to live their normal life. We learn about The Holocaust so we can learn to treat other people with repsect.

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