Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust

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Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Austria. He was the fourth child to be born. Adolfs' dad was very strict and died when Adolf was just thirteen years old. His mom died of breast cancer when he was seventeen years old. Hitler wanted to be an artist. He loved painting and drawing, so he applied for art school, however he didn't get in. He waited a year and applied again. He never got into art school. When World War II began, he wanted to serve as German soldier. He got endured in an explosion which resulted in short term hearing loss. Adolf was sent in for surgery and when he woke up, the first thing he heard was that Germany surrendered. Hitler became a memeber of the Nazi group in 1923. He led a coup to overthrow the government. Due to that, he served a nine month of a five year sentence. While Hitler was in jail, he wrote a book about how he thinks things should be (My Struggle). He was determined to build up the Nazi Party to take over the governement legally. He gave strong powerful speeches and led people to believe what he was doing was the right thing to do.

In January 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. He slowly started to take over the world. Adolf killed many people on his way to the top. This later caused the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a great destruction resulting in the extreme loss of life, especially by fire. Hitler and the Nazi's seperated people based on race and religion, which was then known as the 'Undesirables'. The undesirables were people who Hitler thought were not worth anything. All Jews were considered undesirables. During the Holocaust, the world enjured the murder of approximatley six million jews. No one cared about the jews so they were sent away to concentration camps to die....

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... the cause of the war, it was more like a subplot to the war. World War II was hard times for America. When husbands, dads, and brothers got drafted for the army, woman had to take over mens' jobs. Woman did things like welding, farming, and laboring outside the house. Many Americans did with less so the U.S. Troops had more.

All these subjects come together to show why we learn about the Holocaust. We simply learn about it because we don't want it all to happen again. The horrible things that have happened will happen again if peace and tolerance are not taught. It's good to learn that humans are capable for such evil things so it wont happen again. If we didn't study it, people wouldn't know or remember the past and might repeat it. We learn from mistakes, which is why we learn about the Holocaust. We want to minimize the mistakes that happened once and for all.
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