Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust

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Since World War II the word Holocaust describes the murder and captivity in ghettos, concentration camps and death camps of more than six million Jews by Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.i The Holocaust destroyed society by killing more than 6 million Jews, leaving thousands with physical and mental pain behind and by affecting our society today in a negative way. The German depression after World War I was the opportunity Adolf Hitler had been waiting for. He and the National Socialist German Workers Party had a good chance to come to power. With a lot of propaganda and Hitler’s ability as an orator, he won the Election of nineteen thirty-three and became Chancellor of Germany. He used the power to remove step by step all the oppositions to himself and the Nazi Party. That was the beginning of Nazi Germany. After Hitler’s election he and his Nazi Party instituted the examination of all people they thought were inferior, such as gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and handicapped. Hitler wanted to create a “pure” race. He called them the Aryan’s. He had an exact idea how Aryan’s were supposed to look. Things like skin tone, hair color (blonde), eye color (blue), and even the skull shape lead to the “perfect German”.ii Hitler particularly hated Jews. During the Election of nineteen thirty-three he blamed them for Germany’s bad economy. He said they were spoiling Germany’s racial purity. After Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, the life for the German Jews changed a lot. They were publicly discriminated. A lot of Jews lost their Job. Since April nineteen thirty-three they ... ... middle of paper ... ...pposed to be burned. Earlier buried bodies were dug up and burned. The ash was then buried and grass was planted on top of the graves, to hide them. In some camps, the prisoners were forced to march to the Baltic Sea, were they were drowned. The Nazis were not able to hide the crime they committed over the years. In 1944 the Allied forces entered the first camps. They brought food and water for the prisoners, but even after the camps were found, thousand more died because of the impact of years in concentration and death camps.xvii Two-hundred-and-fifty thousand of the survivors of the Holocaust were classified as Displaced Persons (DPs). Most of them had no home to return to, so they stayed in special camps set up by Allied Troops. The special camps were not a permanent solution. The survivors of the Holocaust were tried to resettle in different countries.

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