Adolf Hitler Timeline

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Adolf Hitler used to be the most ambitious chancellor of Germany during World War II. Adolf Hitler’s hatred towards Jewish Community was very unsuccessful.
Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889. Then again He also died April 30, 1945(age of 56). He was also the chancellor of Germany & was the fourth of six children. Reflecting back to his childhood He attended a state – supported school. After WWI , he became a Nazi. The holocaust started because of ingrained anti-Semitism both in Germany and the countries it conquered , Compounded by propaganda. The Jews who died were not Casualities. Of the fighting that ravaged Europe during World War II. September 1, German Jews ordered to wear yellow stars. February 2, 1943 Germans surrender at Stalingrad. March 1 , 1943 in New York , American Jews hold a Massrally. April 23 – 29 Soviet troops reach berlin & U.S seventh Army Liberates Dachaus. January 17 Liberation. September 17 Beginning of general deportation of German Jews. December 7 Japanese attack pearl harbor. The following day the U.S and Great Britian declare war on Japan. Hitler killed...

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