Adolf Hitler, The Mastermind Behind World War II

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What comes to mind when you hear the name Adolf Hitler? Hitler was the mastermind behind World War II and is held accountable for the deaths of many civilians. Although Hitler was a heartless killer, he had many problems growing up in a dysfunctional household that made him the corrupt person he turned out to be. Adolf Hitler was a very controversial person who will astonish anyone who learns about him. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20,1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler. ( Rosenburg Jennifer) Hitler had five siblings but only one of them survived. Throughout his childhood, Adolf had to deal with an aggressive, short tempered father. His father, Alois, had a rough relationship with Hitler. Alois had the tendency to take his anger out on his kids. He would abuse Adolf to ensure that he would not go down the wrong path. Although Hitler had a very uncaring, critical, aggressive father, his mother was the opposite. She loved Hitler unconditionally and was overly caring. Hitler was a well behaved child in school and usually was doing well academically. Hitler wanted to be an artist, but his father had other plans for him. Alois wanted his son to follow his footsteps and do something in the civil service. Adolf was helpless and was enrolled in a science and technology school where he did not excel. Hitler’s father passed away when he was just fourteen years old. His father’s death contributed to the many losses he had to cope with throughout his childhood. After his father’s death, Hitler convinced his mother to help him become an artist. Hitler took the entrance exam for the Vienna Academy of Arts. Although his acceptance was denied, Hitler moved to Vienna following the death of his mother in 1907. Hitler struggled after ar... ... middle of paper ... ...orld War II did not happen many innocent lives would have been spared. Additionally, if World War II did not happen, Israel might have not been established. Fascism, the type of nationalism Hitler followed might not have existed. Many things would have been different if World War II did not happen. For example the Israeli-Palestinian conflict potentially could have been avoided if it was not for World War II. Hitler had very little positive effects on the world. The only positive impact he left was to never do the things he did. World War II left the world hurt and full of sorrow. Adolf Hitler was an innocent child that grew up to have delirious morals. He took things to another level when it came to achieving his goals. He left a wound of sorrow on the world for generations. World War II effected the lives of many innocent people who will never be forgotten.
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