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Alyssa Da Silva
Mrs. Vardanyan
World History, Period 4
24 March 2014
The Ascension of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau,Austria in 20 April 1889 to Alois Hitler and Klara.
Hitler volunteered to serve in World War I. He was commended for his efforts during the war. His wartime experiences cemented his German patriotism. Hitler and German right-wing nationalists believed that the collapse of morale and Germany’s defeat was the result of the stab-in-the-back legend. The stab-in-the-back-legend claimed that the German army wasn’t defeated but instead betrayed by Weimar politicians and unpatriotic civilians.
The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany on its knees as it relinquished its power to the Allies. Many Germans believed that they were cheated because of the treaty. It was seen as a cruel mockery of Germany. Various groups took this as an opportunity to increase political influence and power.
The Weimar Republic was instantly blamed for signing the Versailles Treaty. Many called the Weimar Republic traitors for the signing of the treaty. While this was going on, facts were hidden for the citizens of Germany. The actual German military officers had pushed the German Kaiser for peace. The officers wanted to keep their honor and prestige in the eyes of the public. So this fact was left to be a secret.
The government of Germany between 1919 and 1932 was the Weimar Republic. Many despised this because Germany had never had a democratic government. These were the causes of Weimar’s distrust and unpopularity. The NSDA party intended to turn the government of Germany around. In 1932, the four major political parties in Germany were very different. The democratic SDP intended to concentrate on working class rights. They wanted...

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...someone to take immediate action. These times were present in Germany in 1933. The citizens of Germany were hungry, in need, and unnourished. The Nazi party and Hitler promised immediate action. Since it seemed as if Germany had been going nowhere fast, many were influenced by the intentions of the Nazi party. Because the public despised democracy, they were in favor of having one strong leader in the country. Hitler stressed the most important thing in a country is its people. He hypnotized people during his speeches because he was a very influential and compelling person. The Nazi party changed many lost and confused minds into minds filled with nationalism and determination. Hitler was a leader, a brilliant organizer, and an excellent orator. These qualities, plus the dilemma in Germany at this point in time, created the structure for this absolute monarchy.

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