Adolf Hitler Research Paper

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Adolf Hitler has made one of the biggest impacts on the world since WWII. His harsh, cruel killings and discriminatory hate for civilians has plagued him as a ruthless, evil dictator. But he was an aspiring artist, a son who didn’t get along with his father, and had a mother dying of breast cancer from a young age. Hitler has gone down in history as an infamous, brutal dictator, responsible for thousands of deaths and suffering.

Adolf’s past is vastly different from his future, in which he had transformed into a ruthless killer. Dictator Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria. As a child, he often clashed with his father as his father did not approve of Adolf’s interest in fine art rather than business. In addition to having an interest in fine art, Adolf started finding an interest in German nationalism. Leading on with his art career, he applied for the Academy of Fine Arts twice, being rejected, he went to the school to get an explanation, and was told that his drawings ‘showed a lack of talent for artistic painting, notably a lack of appreciation o...

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