Adolf Hitler Research Paper

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After World War one The entire country of Germany and their people were defeated and embarressed, but no one was more upset than the Austrian born, German Citizen, Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a failed artist who had decided to enroll into the German army. He was wounded and hostpitalized at the time that Germany Surrendern heed. Hitler was furious when he heard of the news so when he got out of the hospital he staged a coup d' etat or an armed rebellion and attempted takeover on the government. It failed and he was sentenced to five years in jail for treason.

While Adolf Hitler was in jail he wrote a book which translated to English the title was My Struggle. After he released his book he started to gain a following and ended up only serving eight months of his 5 year jail sentence. He started to share a philosiphy about a superior race known as the ariens. He beileved that Germany should get rid of the "undesirables" because the are weak and genetically inferior. People started to beileve and follow his ways these people were known as the Nazis.

After he staged his failed coup d' eta...