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Most people in the world only think of one thing when the name Adolf Hitler is said. They think of the horrific thing he did to the non-Aryan population. Although these actions are terrible and unforgiveable, Hitler was not always that sort of person. He started his life in a much different way and was actually an extremely intelligent individual. He was innovative and brilliant, and had originally moved to Vienna to become an artist, but his intentions shifted into something much more sinister over time. Through an exploration of his life, it is easy to see that there is much more to Hitler then just the Holocaust.
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria-Hungary, he was the fourth of six children. After his father retired the family was moved to Linz, Austria. Adolf was good in school up until he reached high school. His father Alois was not pleased with the way Adolf preformed in school and always had wanted Adolf to become a civil servant and pressured him to do so. However, he had always had a passion for art and when his father died in 1903, he dropped out of high school and spent his days drawing, reading, and daydreaming. At the age of 20, Hitler decided to move to Vienna in hopes of pursuing his dream of becoming an artist. He applied to two different art schools, and unfortunately was denied from both. Shortly after being denied his mother passed away from cancer. This had huge impacts on his life. He later wrote, “The death of my mother put a sudden end to all my high-flown plans. It was a dreadful blow, particularly for me. I had honored my father, but my mother I had loved. “
In 1913, he moved to Munich, Germany. While here the Austrian army called him, however following a physical exam he was not fi...

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...trol. In this novel he states that Germans are the highest forms of humanity, and that they must remain “pure”. In his opinion that meant there could be no cross marriages between people of Jewish of Slav decent. He also blamed the Jews for all the problems that had been occurring in Germany. “By defending myself against the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work.”
Hitler was released in December of 1924, only nine months after his trial. Upon his release he had realized there were a lot of changes to the way Germany was now due to the economy stabilizing. Another problem was that the Nazi party had been made illegal due to the actions which occurred before his imprisonment. However, he was able to get this ban lifted by promising that they would not act in any illegal ways. Shortly after his release he also started an elite party known as the Schutzstafell or the SS.

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