Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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We study the holocaust because, we can't let it happen again. It was the unfair treatment of undesirables mostly Jews. A man who wants to kill people just for being themselves. A young girl that was a victim of his solution. A world in where you have to hide adn if you are not hiding you are stealing, just to get your next meal. There is a war outside your window.

Adolf Hitler a mane that will go down in history but, not for a good reason. Hitler's parents were older when he was born but, his father was not the loving type of man. Adolf wanted to become an artist originally but, he was rejected. Since then he had an intrest in the German military. After they surendered in the war he wanted to bring them back.

Adolf decides he is going to takeover. When he tried he was arrested. As he was in jail he wrote a book called "My Life Struggles". In the book was his plan to make Germany strong once again. People started reading and believing that this was the way it should be. When Adolf got out he started in polotics so, he could get into the govermetn legally. Eventually he mad eit in and started changing the laws so, he can start the final solution. Which was to get rid of the undesirables which included Jews, Gypsies, old, sick, and injured.

He started limiting the things that they could do until all they could do was go to the store, or school. Still even those were limited since you could only go into stores that had signs. They had curfews also otherwise they could be arrested or, even shot. Hitler then started to send them to camps to either work or, be killed. The ones that worked were not feed, worked to death, and not taken care of. They made them look the same; they wore striped suits and had short hair. The treatment only ...

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...y got caught they were sent to camps were they would split up. That would be the last time to ever see each other.

At the camps food was bleak and conditions were bad. They lived in small, dirty, and crowded rooms or tent like structures. At the camps they would dig gigantic holes in the ground to throw the dead bodies in. People got sick and died from the illness. It was scary, they would fight over food and clothing. When someone died they would stripe them down and wear the clothing just to stay warm.

We learn about the Holocaust so, it does not happen again. This treatment was beyond thinkable. We learn that choices and the way you treat someone could ultimatly mean life or, death. It also teaches you to be thankful for what we have. Some people also forget to say I love to your loved ones. You never know when it will be the last time you see them.
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