Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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We remember and learn about the Holocaust for many reasons. It forces us to reflect on one of the most severe parts of the world's history. Hitler rose to power by working within the government. This made it extremely hard for Germans to go against Hitler's ways. His primary targets were the Jews but, by creating a detailed list of undesirables Hitler showed discrimination towards more than group of people. The Nazis began to expand on their territory in 1938. Jewish people were soon called to register themselves and were also called up for work and extermination camps. Not all Jewish people registered and like the Franks they went into hiding. Otto Frank carefully planned where they would stay and that is why their hiding was successful for so long. Being able to learn about the mistakes of the world will help us to not repeat them in the future.

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. He served in World War I for the Germans. Adolf was injured twice in the war and when Germany was forced surrender he was in the hospital recovering from the temporary loss of sight. He was upset that Germany had surrendered and decided that he wanted to be the one to bring Germany back to greatness. Hitler's first plan was to join a group that would try to overthrow the government. The group was discovered and Adolf was sentenced to five years of jail time. He ended up only serving eight to nine months, but during that time he wrote a book titled Mien Kampf or My Struggle. In the book was what he called the final solution and in only the first year it sold 9,473 copies.

Once Hitler was released from jail in 1924, he formed another plan of action. He began to work his way up through government and politics. In 1933 Adolf was appointed chancello...

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...ple of what we call a genocide. It was the mass murder of certain groups of people in order to create an Aryan race. We know what the Holocaust was and why WWII was fought, but there is still the question: Why do we study the Holocaust? Hitler rose to power by gaining the support of his own country and government. One may ask themselves how such a terrible person could be elected to be chancellor? The answer isn't clear, but one conclusion could be that Adolf Hitler was very good at his job. He had the ability to portray himself as a very charismatic person. Hitler was able to convince the Germans that he was something different from what he really was. We need to learn about the Holocaust so that we do not make the same mistakes in the future. We need to be able to recognize who is going to lead in the right way and who is going to lead us in the wrong direction.