Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people or those of a particular ethnic group or nation. That definition would perfectly describe Hitler and The Holocaust intentions, to commit a full genocide against the Jews. The Holocaust was the endless slaughtering of countless Jews and people who didn’t possess the Aryan traits. Hitler, considering himself the Fuhrer (leader) of the Superior Race was to eliminate all inferior races that qualify to his standards. Hitler’s idea for the perfect Aryan race was people who were blonde, blue-eyed, tall, thin, and non-Jewish. What could drive a man to commit countless murders against an entire race and religion? What could cause a man to commit endless murders against thousands of people just because they were not up to his standards of what a race should be? Who knows? Maybe a look into the horrific mastermind, Adolf Hitler’s life could possibly explain why he and how he took power, why he separated the Jews into the Ghettos, why he sent to the death camps, or why he thought it was his right and responsibility as the Fuhrer of the Nazis to exterminate the Jews known to the Nazis as the parasitic vermin of the human race. Adolf Hitler was born in Branau ann Inn, Austria to his parents, Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl, along with his seven other siblings, Paula Hitler, Angela Hitler, Alois Hitler, Jr., Gustav Hitler, Otto Hitler, Ida Hitler, and Edmund Hitler. When Hitler was at the age of three his family moved to Germany. Growing up Hitler and father, Alois, frequently clashed. Then the death of his brother Edmund had caught a case of the measles and died February 2, 1900, which impacted Hitler with much devastation causing him to become slightly detached. Hitler had always ... ... middle of paper ... ..., had slaughtered thousands of people, who he thought were not allowed to live because they possessed certain traits and certain of religion. Therefore, he thought it was his responsibility and right to rid the Earth of the people he considered, “parasitic vermin of the human race.” Adolf Hitler was probably the cruelest and most evil man alive. Who would slaughter thousands of people only because they were a certain race or part of a certain religion? Was it the fact that his father and he frequently fought his brother, Edmund’s death, or the fact that he was declined three times to the Academy of Fine Arts? Who knows? Adolf Hitler’s intentions were to commit a full ethnic cleansing against the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, his political enemies and whoever disobeyed his law. Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for the world’s problems. Adolf Hitler was absolutely ruthless.

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