Adolf Hitler : A Violent Man With Perilous Ideas Of A New World

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Adolf Hitler was a violent man with perilous ideas of a new world, in which this one was not ready for. He was abused throughout his lifetime; he murdered millions, when in reality he merely yearned to be an artist and spend his days in his home splattering acrylics across a naked canvas. Adolf Hitler’s career choice as a child may not have been dictatorship, but life experiences and circumstances ultimately turned him into just the kind of leader the Nazi Party was looking for. Over time, he grew this dark attitude towards others, becoming spiteful to anyone he met. So it seems that time does change people, even for the worst. Hitler was born on the day of April 20th, in the year of 1889. Being born in Braunau, Austria, a miniscule “town that was across from the Inn River” (“Hitler, Adolf”). Having both a mother and a father, he resided with the two. Alois Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s father, was a stern, harsh mannered male, whom abused both his wife and son Adolf Hitler. (Some people speculate that Hitler’s cruel behavior was taken after his fathers.) Adolf Hitler’s mother, Klara Polzl, loved and cherished each and every one of her children, including Edmund, whom later grew exceedingly ill, who, sadly, passed away several years later. “Following the death of his younger brother, Edmund, in 1900, Hitler became detached and introverted” (“Adolf Hitler." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 02 Apr. 2015.). Although he attempted to avoid his father at all costs, but his male parent refused to be ignored, meaning that they were constantly clashing, arguing about many a subject. In the year of 1903, Alois Hitler passed away, leaving Hitler and his mother Karla to somehow survive on their own. Though he needed an education to obtai... ... middle of paper ... ...ermans (or Jewish origin) be treated as if they were massively inferior. Hitler-and the Nazi Party-were also very prejudice against other minorities, such as colored persons, gypsies, disabled persons, and homosexuals, but his hatred was clearly directed towards people of Jewish heritage. Having similar views on life, Hitler grew attracted to the German Workers’ Party for they shared corresponding principles and ideas. Hitler needed someone to vent to, and the German Workers’ Party needed a new member with different viewpoints. (Hitler was also in dire need of a distraction to express his emotions and to avert his melancholy thoughts to some other subject.) After his mother was captured in Death’s brittle talons, he became nationalistic, xenophobic others would call him, being-as I have previously stated-a flawless leader, fitting the criterion for the Nazi Party.

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