Adolf Eichmann And The Holocaust

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Abraham Litwin-Logan
Mrs. Perry
Social Studies
3 March 2014

Adolf Eichmann

The Holocaust was one of if not the greatest tragedy the world has ever experienced. Many people were involved in this enormous genocide focused mainly against the jews. Some key members of the Nazi Party gain more attention then others, Adolf Eichmann is the perfect example.Eichmann was a “Jewish Specialist” and head of the Gestapo Department for Jews. Eichmann was responsible for making sure every train kept moving through from the stations of the concentration and death camps during the holocaust. Lets take a look at Eichmanns childhood, experiences, and actions that led to his hatred against the Jewish people. Eichmann was only one of the many key figures in WWII, but he alone was the sole reason for 5 million deaths in the Holocaust.
Eichmann was born on March 19, 1906 near Cologne, Germany into a middle class protestant family. He and his family moved to Austria following the death of Eichmanns mother. He spent his childhood in Linz, Austria which was also Hitlers hometown. As a child, Eichmann was teased and taunted by his fellow classmates. After failing his engineering classes, he had various jobs such as a laborer in his father’s small mining company, working in an electrical construction company, and as a traveling salesman. At the age of 26 in 1932 he joined the Austrian Nazi Party after it being suggested to him by his friend. He then became a member of the SS and was an SS corporal in 1934.He managed to acquire a job in the SD which was a strong SS security service.He was assigned to the Jewish section, which was busy collecting information on important Jews. This was the begging of Eichmanns interests in Jews.
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